Travel Photography 101

I just returned from a trip through Europe as a tour photographer and gained some useful knowledge that could be helpful to any photographers, amateur or professional who are planning a trip.

This article deals with: obtaining the necessary equipment, carrying the equipment and always being in the right place at the right time. If you are hoping to get a professional collection of pictures from a vacation or group tour in a far away place you should definitely consider some of these issues.

If you would like to see a collection of my personal photos from some of my trips (in which I used these techniques) and the wedding photography services I currently offer please visit Natasha Jenkins photography.

-My Personal Equipment Preparation

Through many photography trips I gradually developed a strategy for traveling lightly and conveniently with a sufficient amount of camera equipment.

On long trips I typically take along two cameras; one digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera and one small digital point-and-shoot camera. For the SLR camera I take two lenses; one midrange telephoto lens (70-200 mm) and one fixed wide angle lens (24 mm). With these two types of lenses you will be ready for effective people pictures and beautiful landscape and scenery photos.

In addition to the cameras I absolutely always have some sort of tripod readily available whether it is the simple mini type or the full size larger type (for traveling you should make sure the tripod is made out of a light-weight material).

For memory storage I take a larger memory card for the SLR and typically a smaller capacity card for the point-and-shoot camera. I also recently purchased an ipod so as soon as the memory cards are full I just unload them onto my ipod.


-Carrying the Equipment

For long trips that are full of photo opportunities I only carry one shoulder bag for my photography equipment. I keep the SLR camera in the bag with the extra lens that I am not currently using. I then carry the smaller point-and-shoot camera in the pocket of my cargo pants or shorts.

The newer small digital point-and-shoot style cameras have developed so much that sometimes I feel that the photos I obtain from that camera are better then the SLR camera’s photos. If you keep a small camera in your pocket then you will always be ready for spontaneous photo opportunities (mainly people pictures). And that way you won’t always have to have a huge camera hanging around your neck which in many places will make you an instant target for professional pick pocketers.

I can’t emphasize how important a tripod is on vacation trips. I am thoroughly convinced that the best pictures I have taken have either been at sunset or at night with long shutter speeds made possible by the use of a tripod. It has also come in very handy for architectural photos inside many cathedrals and buildings that have huge areas that are not very well lit.

-Techniques for Professional Travel Photos

Of course for effective photos you should read some articles on composition, exposure, shutter speed, and aperture. But there are also many other issues that I have realized are very important for travel photos.

For pictures of landmarks or landscapes you should make sure that you have some kind of foreground and background so your viewers will have a good perspective of what it would be like to visit the site themselves.

You should also make sure that you take plenty of photos from one scene with different combinations of exposure settings and angles. I usually only find about 1 photo out of 10 that I really like even though all ten photos are taken of the exact same place. And remember that you will probably want to make sure that you get at least one good photo of each spot since it is likely that you won’t return any time soon.


For people pictures it is important to get photos of the people that may be accompanying you on your trip as well as some photos of people native to the area that you are visiting.

When people are looking at photos following a trip they like to see both photos of them visiting certain spots as well as close ups of them enjoying themselves or focused mainly on their facial features.

On the occasions that I have been hired to accompany a tour and prepare a slide show I found that the photos that the people enjoyed the most were of them enjoying a funny moment or of someone doing something silly that makes them look like an ignorant tourist. But they also enjoyed seeing photos of some of the interesting kinds of people that they met in the foreign environments.

One example of this is on my recent visit to Germany I took many pictures of the crazy soccer fans who were cheering in the streets and waving flags.

Tourism And Local Chat Apps Overview

tourism apps

What could be easier than booking an entire trip with just a few taps?

Nothing and tourist apps are a rising star in the app world.

From booking an entire trip or just a flight, there is something for everyone these days.

Whether you are looking for a tourist destination or just a simple flight home there are literally hundreds of apps to try.Start with the brands you know and love to get a feel for booking a flight or hotel room through a local chat app.


Most major brands have an app these days that allows you to tap to get from point A to point B.

There are also apps for destinations that tell you where the best places to hang out or eat are, with reviews from locals and other tourists. There are even apps that allow for last minute booking if you like to play it by ear when traveling.


The rise of tourism apps puts traveling at the tap of a finger, easy enough for almost anyone to negotiate, no computer necessary.

Get travel deals and ideas even before you book a flight! Apps keep you up to date on the latest deals and steals.

Insect Pest Control When On Holiday – A Necessity

Insects can be a nuisance when on holiday. They are one of the worst kinds of pest that exist.

Fortunately, there are several methods that you can employ to protect yourself against these annoying little creatures. These ways for insect pest control include use of chemicals or use of organic methods to drive away these insects.


These insects may be beneficial in some way to nature, but they are surely harmful for your gardens and lawns on which you may have spent a lot of time and effort. You should implement these various methods to get rid of these insects as diligently as you have planted your garden.

There are several methods available to get rid of these pests. However, you should ensure that the methods that you employ for insect pest control do not harm you as well.

The use of chemicals in the form of pesticides may result in various kinds of diseases in your family. They might be effective in removing the pests, but they will harm your family in the process as well. Boric acid is a good pesticide that is a chemical that is used to repel insects.

It is not as harmful as the other chemical pesticides and it is quite effective in getting rid of insects too.

You can also use plants that attract certain kinds of insects and worms that eat certain other insects that may be harmful for your garden.

These kinds of insects include pest control bees, lady bugs, lacewings and two different kinds of wasps insect which are parasitic wasps and ichneumon wasps.

There are many types of plants available that attract these insects. You should however make sure that these insects do not in turn harm your existing garden.

For most part, you must leave them alone, but if you find that your garden is still getting destroyed, you must take strict measures for insect pest control and use the powerful chemicals to get rid of all the insects and pests.

Whenever possible, you must refrain from using these chemicals and resort to natural methods to remove insects from your garden. You can afford to do this because there are several cheap and effective techniques for insect pest control that are available to get rid of these insects.

Boiling herbs in water or essential provide you with solutions that you can use as pesticides which are totally safe when compared with the other chemical pesticides. If you follow this strictly, then eventually you will be rewarded with an insect free garden.

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10 Top Tourist Attractions in Rio De Janeiro Not To Be Missed

Number ten on the list is the Lagoa neighbourhood.

This area is the most exclusive neighbourhood in the rich Zona Sul district which holds the third-most expensive neighbourhood record in the entire southern america

Number nine on the list is the Maracana Stadium. Football being a form of culture in Brazil, the Maracanã Stadium holds a special place in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil as a whole.

At number eight is naturally occurring park of Tijuca. This national park has a competing edge in the world among the biggest parks found in urban areas.

Number seven on the list is Lapa Neighbourhood. This neighbourhood world re-known for its vibrant nightlife and to the south of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. This provides the best catalytic atmosphere for all festivities.

At number six is the Santa Teresa Neighbourhood. This neighbourhood gives visitors a grimpse of where Rio de Janeiro has evilved from ever since its foundation stones were laid, taking them back in history and experience of ancient times in the city.


Number five on the list is the Jardim Botanico. This park is world re-known for the diverse species of orchids there-in.

At number four is the Sugarloaf Mountain. Just as the name depicts, the mountain looks like a sugarloaf emerging from the sea and rising to heights of up to 400meters.

At number three is the Ipanema sandy beaches. This remains by far a very popular tourist spots in Rio.


Number two on the list is the Copacabana beaches. This is the busiest beach area in Rio, always characterised by traditional beach football or volleyball activities.

Top of the list is Christ the Redeemer statue. Marvellous and scenic brilliant work of art situates a top 710meter high mountain peak and overlooking the entire city, this is a breath taking phenomena never seen anywhere else in the world and a true defining landmark of Rio.

Driving Abroad: Tips & Advice

There are many questions to be asked about driving abroad, this sort of as regardless of whether or not you can use your UK driver’s license, how to rent an automobile in a foreign country, how to understand different road signs and oh-so-many more.

In fact, driving in a foreign country is not too tricky, and most tourists can effortlessly rent a car with no difficulty.

Drivers License


In most countries around the planet, you can merely drive with your personal nearby driver’s license from your home country. It goes without saying you will need a full license and should have passed your driving theory test.  Occasionally, your license might require being translated, but usually, your home license will do. On the other hand, if you a traveling somewhere a bit more exotic, off-the-beaten-track or to a non-Western country, you should think about getting and International Driving Permit. In the United States, these are issued by way of AAA and can be obtained at any local AAA office. These permits are honored in 150 nations all around the world and present details in several languages.

To get an an International Driving Permit (IDP), you must be at least 18 many years old and you’ll will need 2 passport-sized photos (which can be taken at the AAA workplace), as nicely as your typical driver’s license, the completed application and the $15 application charge, payable by verify, money order or key credit card. One issue to retain in thoughts is that the IDP can only be issued inside of 6-months of your trip.

Renting a car


Significant rental car organizations like Price range, Thrifty, and Euro car operate all over the world, so renting an auto internationally is not normally challenging, depending on your destination. In some Asian countries, renting a car is not necessarily advisable, as the streets are typically crowded with cars and the traffic patterns are incredibly unpredictable. On the other hand, in most components of the world, renting a car is pretty effortless and reservations can be made on the web. It is critical to bear in mind that, in most components of the world, a standard rental auto comes with a standard 5-speed transmission rather than an automatic transmission, so if you can’t drive a stick, be certain to request an automated transmission when you book.

Insurance plan


If you’re covered by liability insurance at home, be positive to check with your insurance company to see if that coverage extends to rental cars abroad. Likewise, if you have purchased travel insurance, it may (or may not) cover your rental car. If not, it is recommended to buy nearby liability and injury insurance policy with the rental vehicle business that you are employing. Not accomplishing so could result in a significant monetary difficulty if you run into an unfortunate accident, which is all-to-easy to do driving in foreign surroundings.

Guidelines of the road


Local driving laws and norms differ widely from region to region. The most notable example include Japan, South Africa, Ireland, Thailand, Australia and a lot of other nations where operating is carried out on the left with a right-hand steering wheel, which can carry a good deal of obtaining utilized to for those accustomed to generating on the appropriate (and vice versa). Other norms are not so apparent, this kind of as whether or not or not it is legal to turn correct (or left) at a red light, how to tactic pedestrians, what the generating speeds are and which lane is the rapid lane. The ideal way to get a deal with on nearby driving laws just before you go is to look at the foreign country’s embassy website or to inquire about driving laws with the rental car firm.

Obtaining your way


The element of the fun in going on a road trip abroad is acquiring lost and I can assure you, at some point, you almost certainly will. To avoid too a lot of mishaps, you should stick to primary roadways, motorways and highways as much as possible and learn the path numbering methods before you start traveling. You may well also want to check out on the net for some examples of road signage in that land so that you aren’t immediately confused by the signs the moment you get behind the wheel and commit a small time studying a map of the area. In certain countries, simple knowledge of the local language would be useful for discovering your way, as properly, but not necessarily compulsory.

5 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Spain


Traveling to Spain is an exciting experience, but just like any other country in the world, you need to know about the place before traveling.

We recently returned from a fantastic 2 weeks in the country booked via CLC World Promotional Holidays.

Here are five things you should know before traveling to Spain.

First and foremost

1. Documents


You need to know the documentations when traveling to Spain. You need a passport, visa and also plane tickets When you want to travel to Spain



Spanish, also known as Castilian (castellano), is the official language in Spain, but some of the territories across the country have their own particular language or dialect. To be able to understand their language which obviously you don’t speak, you need a dictionary or a intermediate who can translate for you. A person who can speak your language and also can speak Spanish. Many families enroll their children on Learning Spanish for kids courses beforehand so they can have a go at using their new found second language in real life situations.

3. Climate


You should know the climate conditions in Spain. For example they experience six climate changes and you should know all about that climate change and that will make you know what to wear and when to wear it.

4. Driving


You also know if a traveler to that country has the right to get a driving license and also can drive while you are there or you can arrange with a driver to drive you during your stay there

5. Food and Drink


You should know the food they have there. Knowing their delicacies will help you decide on what to eat and drink when you get there. you will be very miserable if you find out you cant eat any of their delicacies they serve.

These are some of the things you need to know when traveling to Spain.

10 Great Fishing Trips In Australia

Australia is renowned for it’s fishing. Hundreds of thousands flock to the country to experience the very best the country has to offer. But where are the best fishing destinations?

1Adelaide. The King George Whiting and South Australian huge snapper together with the salmon, blue crabs, snook, and squid anticipate your flavorful snare for a half or entire day angling trip. Bring family and companions as vessels suit gatherings of up to 6 members. Experienced captains return you to safe waters and are specialists in moving boats on various waves.

2. Brisbane. Angler’s Haven as decisions between reef, amusement and night angling make choosing troublesome, you just basically need to attempt every one of them! Water crafts are made exclusively to fish contracts, and can get you to your angling spots speedier, permitting all the more angling time.

3. Broome. Where angling is dynamic. Anybody can appreciate angling, as a game, a past time or only for the straightforward accomplishment of attempting it. Draw and handle are the best innovation with specs, for example, carbon fiber poles and another untouchable hardware

fishing australia

4. Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef gives the best angling spot you would ever discover. Remote ocean angling taking care of business! For that unflinching angler, sole sanction experiences keep your angling aptitudes taking care of business! Hand lines or poles are accessible to your extravagant. Decisions of Coral Trout, Snapper and Red Emperor for you to catch will finish your angling day.

5. Canberra. Go on a fishing trip vacation as Canberra gives you Lake Jindabyne to practice your trout fishing techniques while enjoying the scenic spot.

6. Hunter Valley. Fishing as an exercise. Walk through beautiful gorges and forests by the summit of Barrington Tops to locate you perfect fishing spot 1400 meters above sea level. There is so much to do in this valley which makes it ideal for the whole family.

fishing rod

8. Deep sea fishing gold coast. It’s hard not to go on a fishing frenzy as you can opt for a weekend fishing trip or go all out on a more profound trip to fish in the Gold Coast. Get tips from the pros as expert fishing guides and anglers teach you how to enjoy and get the most out of sports fishing.

9. Newcastle. Fishing charters are to mat tailored ch your fishing needs. Enjoy a 4 to 6-hour fishing extravaganza as you drop a line in one of the deepest and marine life abundant waters on a fully surveyed charter vessel.

10. The Whitsundays.A prime location for the best catches in the region it is the best fishing spot for you and the whole brood.

Top 10 Fabulous Beach Destinations in the World for a Holiday

There is something so magical about beaches that you’d hardly find anyone who doesn’t like to go to the beach! More than just the sun, sand and sea, beaches are the ultimate place to relax and have fun. Thus, the seaside is the best place for a healthy and rejuvenating holiday. When you visit a beach, you automatically get good romantic vibes, which is why about fifty percent of the honeymooners choose a beach holiday for celebrating their nuptials! The following are the top ten beach destinations in the world in random order:

#1: Seychelles

Anyone who hasn’t heard of this beach must probably be living under a rock because this is one of the most photographed beaches on Earth! The pale pink sands, sparkling turquoise waters and peaceful atmosphere here are the top reasons which make Seychelles one of the best beach destinations on the planet! What’s more, the water here is relatively shallow and is divided from the ocean’s water by coral reefs.

#2: Bora Bora, Tahiti

One of the islands that form the French Polynesia, Bora Bora is located in the South Pacific. Although the beach is just eighteen miles long, it is one of the most magical beaches on Earth. What’s fascinating about Bora Bora is that there is a lot of privacy here because this little strip of land is located inside a lagoon, bordered by white sandy shores. The quiet atmosphere and isolated beaches here are best for people who do not prefer to go to beaches which are crowded with people.

#3: Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

One cannot really mention beaches without mentioning Hawaii because this is a classical beach destination. Palm trees swaying, lush tropical plants around, sparkling sand on the beach, sea green water and perpetual sunshine makes Hawaii one of the most scenic beach destinations in the world! Irrespective of which beach you hit, you will find that they are all postcard-perfect! Lanikai Beach is a good recommendation here. Again, the shore on this beach is protected by a coral reef, which means that the waves here are not as monstrous, therefore surfing becomes easier!

#4: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

People generally go to Cancun when they visit Mexico, but if you’re willing to travel that extra mile then Playa del Carmen would be a great beach destination! Located just outside of Cancun, Playa del Carmen is a gorgeous exotic city blessed with great beaches. Here, you can relax on the beach by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, explore historic sites, drift down the Mayakoba lagoon in a boat or engage in beach sports. There is plenty to things to do here therefore you’re hardly going to get bored when in this lovely city!

#5: Spain

Who says that you cannot have a wonderful holiday with a tight budget? If you wish to embark on a beach holiday with a limited budget then Spain is the way to go! The beaches here might be crowded but they are breathtakingly beautiful. Also, the locals here are very friendly. With the sun always up in this part of the world, you will find the idea of hitting the beach much more exciting. If you like going where the crowd goes then Costa del Sol would be the ideal beach for you otherwise you can try going to Costa Brava, a more secluded beach.

#6: Thailand

Yet another budget-friendly beach destination, this one has a wide array of islands to offer, namely Phi Phi, Krabi, Phuket, Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and so on. The impressive tropical views, clear blue waters, interesting spread of beach activities and pleasant atmosphere makes visiting the beaches much more enticing. Diving and snorkeling are two of the most popular beach activities here. Whether you are sunbathing and relaxing or going for an exhilarating diving session, you’re sure to have a memorable time here!

#7: The Hamptons, New York

The Hamptons is located in Long Island. It has a reputation of having a spread of sophisticated beaches. The enclaves and private beaches here are frequented by wealthy individuals from New York City. Apart from picturesque towns and villages, there are plenty of things to do when in the Hamptons. You can try out water sports such as kayaking and surfboarding. You can also engage in volleyball or simply lie down and soak up the sun! If you’re looking for unspoiled shoreline then Southampton is the place to visit.

#8: Bahamas 

This is another luxury beach escape preferred by the rich and the wealthy. The beaches are perfect here, almost like paradise on Earth! Accommodation is not a problem here because one will be spoilt for choice. One can choose from dazzling resorts, secluded beachfront properties, quiet bungalows or regular hotels. There are two thousand breathtaking islands and cays here in the Bahamas. The beaches here are reputed to have the clearest water on Earth. The beaches are also relatively clean, which is why people love to sink their feet into the pure white or pink sand here!

#9: Australia

The beaches in Australia are very tourist-friendly, which is why travelers who are heading to Australia beaches for a vacation are sure to have a fun and memorable time! Over 60,000 kms long, the Australia coastline offers a wealth of beaches for travelers to choose from. You can have a great time surfing the waters here and trying out different beach activities. After all, the beaches in Australia are the best places for surfing! If you’re looking for secluded beaches then you will have to take a short ferry trip in order to get to the more protected beaches.

#10: Brazil

This is yet another gorgeous beach destinations in the world. Known for its pristine beaches, Brazil offers so much more than just beaches. There is a lot of tourist destinations that you can visit too for a great sightseeing experience. Adventurous travelers are in for a treat in Brazil. Foodies would also like the beaches here owing to the availability of grilled seafood in local food outlets. The translucent waters and beautiful marine life here are also reasons why one should check out the beaches in Brazil.