10 Top Tourist Attractions in Rio De Janeiro Not To Be Missed

Number ten on the list is the Lagoa neighbourhood.

This area is the most exclusive neighbourhood in the rich Zona Sul district which holds the third-most expensive neighbourhood record in the entire southern america

Number nine on the list is the Maracana Stadium. Football being a form of culture in Brazil, the Maracan√£ Stadium holds a special place in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil as a whole.

At number eight is naturally occurring park of Tijuca. This national park has a competing edge in the world among the biggest parks found in urban areas.

Number seven on the list is Lapa Neighbourhood. This neighbourhood world re-known for its vibrant nightlife and to the south of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. This provides the best catalytic atmosphere for all festivities.

At number six is the Santa Teresa Neighbourhood. This neighbourhood gives visitors a grimpse of where Rio de Janeiro has evilved from ever since its foundation stones were laid, taking them back in history and experience of ancient times in the city.


Number five on the list is the Jardim Botanico. This park is world re-known for the diverse species of orchids there-in.

At number four is the Sugarloaf Mountain. Just as the name depicts, the mountain looks like a sugarloaf emerging from the sea and rising to heights of up to 400meters.

At number three is the Ipanema sandy beaches. This remains by far a very popular tourist spots in Rio.


Number two on the list is the Copacabana beaches. This is the busiest beach area in Rio, always characterised by traditional beach football or volleyball activities.

Top of the list is Christ the Redeemer statue. Marvellous and scenic brilliant work of art situates a top 710meter high mountain peak and overlooking the entire city, this is a breath taking phenomena never seen anywhere else in the world and a true defining landmark of Rio.

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